A Concise Take on Lance Armstrong

It sounds like professional athletes and the followers of endurance sports are generally perturbed that Lance Armstrong didn’t come very clean in his interview with Oprah Winfrey. My immediate response was, “Really, are you surprised?”  Is Betsy Andreu surprised that Lance didn’t admit to providing his doctors with the details of his doping plan while he was being treated for cancer?  Is former U.S. Postal Team masseuse Emma O’Reilly really surprised that Lance didn’t apologize to her for calling her an alcoholic prostitute? Is Greg LeMond surprised that Lance hasn’t apologized about launching a vendetta against LeMond that was backed by the Trek Bicycle Corporation?  I have news for everyone: Armstrong is a classic sociopath.  He’s never going to give a meaningful apology, because he simply can’t recognize that what he did was wrong. This “interview” was about Armstrong’s cynical ploy to trade on his celebrity to rehabilitate himself and reingratiate himself with an easily manipulated and inattentive public: “Hey, all I need to do is tear up a bit on Oprah and everything will be OK.”  And, like all “interviews” conducted by Oprah Winfrey, it was ultimately about Oprah and her desire to jump start her flagging cable network, rather than any goal of lifting the veil on performance enhancing drug use in professional endurance sports. We might be disappointed about how all of this played out (and is playing out), but can we really admit to being surprised?

One comment on “A Concise Take on Lance Armstrong

  1. Many others feel the same. I listened to an interview with ESPN writer Rick Reilly, who defended Armstrong for years, and he said the biggest disapointment is that Armstrong had a number of opportunities to reveal the truth, but he was so consumed by the lie that it eventually became the truth in his mind. Sociopath is a good description of Armstrong. In the interview, he did not appear to show any remorse, and he probably feels that his biggest mistake in this situation is that he got caught.

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